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Personalized number plate frequently asked questions

Do you want to change your current number plate to a special, personal licence plate? What happens then after? How to switch to your new number plate? Here is all you need to know what you need to do.

Choosing the dealer and your new licence plate:

Select one of the dealers licenced by DVLA to get your own personal licence plate. The payment process, payment plans and other conditions differ from seller to seller, so you need to clarify the payment and delivery process. We would suggest you go for a seller, who will take over all the paperwork related tasks and have all car papers updated for you.

What will happen with your current number plate?

You won’t need to do anything more than inform of have the dealer inform the DVLA about the changes and your new number plate. In this case your current number plate will become a sleeper. This is a good process, because it also means, that if you decide to change your personalized number plate back to the previous one, then your old number plate will be automatically set back.

Are personalized number plates really unique?

Indeed they are. The reason why you may see one particular licence plate pop up on more sites is, because many dealers are resellers of other dealers and they were given permission to help them advertise their number plates. Buying directly however will make these cheaper.

Is VAT always added to the initial price?

In most cases VAT has to be added to the initial price. If you don’t see VAT, it generally means it’s been sold by a reseller and the price is generally larger than it would be from the original seller.

Are there any restrictions in terms of getting personalized number plates?

The only restriction is, that you cannot buy a personalized licence plate just to make a vehicle appear younger. This will not apply to all the special number plates that are dateless.

What paperwork will you actually get after purchasing a personalized number plate?

You generally have to get a V750 Certificate of Entitlement which basically includes all the details regarding the transaction. Any other changes will mean a visit to the DVLA.

Payment and delivery:

Depending on the exact conditions of a dealer, payment can happen via cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card. All credits can be arranged depending on the dealer and its current credit offers.

Can I make money out of my old car’s number plate?

The older is the number, the most are the chances that it can be sold for a good price. And on good price we may even mean sums which are way above your imagination. The most exclusive personalised number plates are being sold over 1 million GBP. And the average old dateless number plates also cost well over GBP 5000. All you need to do is to contact a licenced dealer who also deals with buying number plates and for a registration fee or commission they will feature your number plates on their website.

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