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What choices does one get when it comes to personal number plates?

You have literally tons of choices when it comes to purchasing a personal licence plate for your car or other vehicle. There are lots of formats which are available, though the older, dateless style number plates are ones which cannot be reissued. This means, you cannot obtain a new number plate which is personalized in this style any longer. This is why the old number plates are so expensive in the UK, especially if their letters or numbers signify something important (car brand related info or abbreviations are by far the most popular when it comes to getting a personalised plate number).

The prefix and suffix types: these are the latest used types of number plates and this also means that getting a customised number plate of one of these would cost the least money for you. However you must pay attention that the plate number, that’s destined to signify the year, is not earlier than the actual licence plate of yours. It may seem like a fraud to lure others believe your car is newer than it really is, therefore such change is not allowed by DVLA.

Dateless: these are the most expensive because they contain some rarities. In addition, you cannot create dateless number plates any longer.

Exclusive: the rarest dateless items, including largely the one letter one number or two –two combos as the most expensive out of these. The price of an exclusive number plate can be well over a million Pounds.

Name private number plates: Suffix or mixed style number plates which include names or abbreviations of names. These are also number plates which cannot be re-created therefore their average price ranges between GBP 1200 to GBP 7000.

Create your own personal licence plate: when it comes to creating your own personalized number plate you have the two key choices: Current style ( 2 letters- year-3 letters) or the prefix style ( prefix – numbers-3 letters) this means, that the rare combinations you can get to see featured are all of past purchases. You are not able to create such number anymore because it would not follow the currently accepted requirements.

DVLA Auctions: you can get to find details of old number plates auctioned alongside their starting price. Sometimes one can get to find a rare piece which is especially relevant to them and can buy them for a smaller price. If you however don’t want to waste time, we suggest you to rather check out a dealer’s site and check for the current favourites. Auctions are good for those who look for combinations which would normally not mean any specific for anyone except for a very few.

What happens after you made your choice?

While some dealers would help you with all the paperwork others may leave it on you to do is all. Therefore this is best to fix before the purchase. You may prefer a dealer who helps you with all the paperwork, saving you from much of the necessary paperwork.

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