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DVLA – all about number plates

Each car that’s on the road has to have their personal number plate or licence plate according to UK laws. As a standard look the licence plate should look the following counting from 2001:

A number plate for the car is like an ID to us. This is how your car gets recognized and this is the number enlisted in all the key car documents too. Owners are not allowed to change number plates without having permission and without having DVLA informed about it. The authority warns everyone that there is a fine up to GBP 1000 if someone drives with number plates displayed incorrectly.

There are new, so-called theft resisting number plates available on the market. These are way harder to take off from a vehicle.

Standard rules for number plates:

In the UK number plates should be in line with the following standards:

Where can you get number plates from?

In the UK, you can get number plates from a registered number plate supplier. In order to have your number plates you must present your and your car’s identification documents. Your identification documents can be your driving licence or national identity car. As for the car, you must hold its V5C log or it alternate depending on the exact status of the car. Other alternate documents include the number plate authorisation certificate (V379) or electronic number plate authorisation certificate (eV948)

Personal licence plates.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, either due to personal or marketing reasons, you can have your own personalized number plate. However if you do so, this must be presented on all the car’s documents including MOT paper, V5C log too and it has a couple of ways to purchase it.

The following symbols and flags are allowed to be featured if you want a personalised number plate:

National identifies used in the UK include the following:

Besides your personal licence plates holding one of these national identifiers you should be using the standard GB sticker if you travel abroad with your car, exception if you have the EU symbol also displayed on your number plate.

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