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DVLA- how to get a personal number plate

While there are countries, which allow people to make up their own personalised licence plates, in the UK however, the process is a little bit different. Let’s get to see how this process works and how you can obtain your own personal number plate.

In the UK the authority which issues and is responsible for all vehicle number plates is the DVLA the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. They are the primary agency for all vehicle registration, tax and driving related matters appointed by the Department for Transport.

The UK standard for featuring number plates is the following:

Now, if you would like to get a personalised or personal licence plate you have several choices open. Let’s get to see these

The story behind the DVLA auctions

Since 1983 there are specific number/letter combinations which are not included on normal number plates exactly because the demand from customers to obtain these certain combinations as personal number plate was so high. Since 1989 all these rare or particular number combinations are offered for sale. DVLA is the authority who issues the special number plates and they are all promised to be unique. Most famous combinations which more people would like to get are sold at DVLA auctions which are held periodically throughout the area of the UK. These are all legitimate and can only be held by the DVLA.

Personal number plate or personalised number plate styles:

Dateless: these are those old licence plates which were in use before 1963. They are dateless because they do not feature any data related to the actual registration date and place. Their outlook can be largely different and can be one of the following:

  • One number and 3 letters
  • 3 letters and one number
  • 4 numbers and two letters
  • Two letters and 4 numbers
  • Northern Ireland dateless number plates: these look very different but they must all contain the letter I or Z. They range from 3 letter + 1 letter up to the 3 letter – 4 number variations.

    It’s especially the Dateless style number plates which are the most sold at the DVLA auctions.

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