Driver Alertness Course

Following a successful pilot and evaluation period from October 2009 to April 2010, many Police forces adopted the National Driver Alertness Course (NDAC) to replace the National Driver Improvement Course (NDIS).

NDAC is a different scheme from NDIS and therefore motorists who have been offered one scheme cannot elect to complete the other as an alternative..

All schemes offered by the Police as an alternative to the prosecution process find their origins within the North Report (the Road Traffic Law Review 1988) whose author, Dr Peter North, pointed out that “It must be in the public interest to rectify a fault rather than punish the transgressor” and said “Re-training of traffic offenders may lead to an improvement in their driving, particularly if their training is angled towards their failings.”

When a motorist is involved in a Road Traffic Incident and there is sufficient evidence which indicates that they have been "Driving Without Due Care and Attention, or Driving Without Reasonable Consideration for Other Road Users" contrary to Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, or other like offences, they may be given an option to attend a National Driver Alertness Course. This is offered as an alternative to having the incident referred to the Crown Prosecution Service which usually results in a Summons to attend court where the driver may receive a fine and penalty points on their driving licence.


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