Speed Awareness Course - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the National Speed Awareness Course

What is the National Speed Awareness Course?

The National Speed Awareness Course is an alternative to prosecution for drivers/riders who have been detected speeding within an agreed threshold. Drivers/riders have to be offered the opportunity to attend a course by the police as an alternative to the current £60 Fixed Penalty charge and 3 penalty points.

Do I have to pay for the course and what is involved?

Yes. The cost of the course can vary between service providers. It is a classroom basedinteractive workshop , delivered by a nationally accredited trainer. You will need to contact the Course Provider for the area in which you are taking your course for further details on cost and venues. There is no driving element to this course

Will I be eligible to be offered a National Speed Awareness Course?

Courses will only be available to drivers/riders via an offer from a police authority, having exceeded a speed limit within a pre-determined threshold. Having attended a course, you will not be eligible to attend a second course within 3 years of your offence.

If I attend a course, will I still get penalty points on my licence?

No, Once you have successfully completed the course, no further action will be taken and you will have no record of this on your licence.

What happens if I am late, or am unable to attend on the day?

If you are late, you will not be admitted to the course. It is your responsibility, having accepted the offer to ensure that you arrive in plenty of time. In exceptional circumstances, for example illness, you will need to contact the Course Provider as soon as possible and provide a doctors certificate. If you fail to make contact, your case will be referred back to the Police for their consideration.

How important is it that I bring my driving licence with me?

You will be required to prove your identity and your driving licence, with a photo card, would be ideal. You must however ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of your chosen Course Provider in the event that you are required to produce your driving licence.

What if I cannot attend the course that is offered?

If you are unable to attend the course you are offered, you should contact the Course Provider who will make a decision based upon your circumstances as to whether they can offer an alternative date or refer you back to the Police. If you are referred back to the Police you will then be sent a Conditional Offer (fixed penalty notice or issued with a summons).

Who runs the National Speed Awareness Courses?

Each police authority will appoint a Course Provider in their area to deliver these courses.  This association is established to ensure the quality and consistency of delivery of courses throughout the UK.

Do I have to take a written test or driving test?

No, however there will be group discussions that you will be expected to participate in to successfully complete the course. There is no driving involved.

What if I have specific needs?

Prior to attending a course you will be asked by the Course Provider, to indicate if you have any specific needs that will have to be taken into consideration in order to insure that you can fully participate in the course. Every effort will be made to facilitate these needs.

How many people will be on the course?

There may be up to 26 people on the course.